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Is your organization or school interetested in organizing group trips to Japan for your students?
If you are a teacher ro organizer of student travel programs, you can design your own group program with Atlas Japan Tour. Programs combine fun excursions and activities with either visits to local schools to have a session with Japanese students, join classes, play sports together, participate cultural activities, and sight-seeing. As an organizer of students travel program, you can arrange a 2-3 week group program any time of the year with Atlas Japan Tour.

Sports Exchange

Through Atlas International Sport Exchange Promoting Section, youth athletes have the opportunity to travel abroad while sharing their different cultures, ideas, and training techniques with Japanese youth and clubs. No matter where they are from and what language they speak, when they are in a gym, on the field, on the track, on the court or on the mat, there exists a common passion and common understanding around sports.

School Visit

Japan has one of the highest standards of education and one of the highest literacy rates in the world. About 93% of children enter high school, and nealy all of them graduate. At over 40 % in 2018, Japan has one of the highest university enrolement rates in the developed world, and huge number of state and private universities to serve the population.

Company Visit

Are you a teacher and you wish to take your students for an industrial visit?Atlas Japan Tour can arrange an industrial visit in Japan for your group. Please let me know that your intension to visit and why the industrial visit is important, how the visit relates to the curriculum, and the number of the students and teacher who will attend.

Technical visit

Atlas Japan Tour provides advice and support during the planning of your event. We arrange and reserve hotel rooms together with an airport transfer service. We have set up a model course in which participants can experience local industries, histories, and cultures through visiting industrial facilities.
Professional interpreters can be arranged, or we provide translation services for your event.                                                                                                        planning form

Incentive Tour

Atlas Japan Tour can assist you with the planning, arrangement, and management of parties including the selection of venue, ideas for party concepts, and the direction of the party on site. We can help arrange technical visits to related facilities, short excursions, cultural experiences, and pre - post event tours. 

Pre - post convention tour

We can provide assistance before and after your event, creating a challenging or leisure porgram for you.
Take the opporturity to see some of Japan's sights with your family and friends.   
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